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Source 1: Letters from King Louis XII of France, 1512

In April 1512, Henry VIII threatened war against Louis XII of France to make him withdraw his troops from Italy. Louis, in turn, appealed to James IV to attack England if Henry should invade France. Diplomatic correspondence passed between the courts of France and Scotland as James decided on his course of action. In April 1512, Robert Cockburn, the Bishop of Ross, arrived from Blois in France with detailed letters from Louis, some bearing his own signature, thanking James for his promise of support. James had written to Louis asking him specific questions. Louis replied, answering each one article by article.

Transcript of extract

Au xiije ledit roy trescrestien remercye grandement sondit bon frere le roy d’Ecosse de la declaracion vertueuse et ouverte faicte contre ledit roy d’Angleterre ou cas qu’il veulle courir sus et faire guerre audit roy trescrestien et luy prie qu’il croye que ainsy de sa part fera semblable declaracion contre tous ceulx quy luy vouldront faire guerre et si employra de tout son pouvoir.

(National Records of Scotland reference: SP7/21/53)

Translation of extract

The King thanks James for his declaration against the King of England in the event of his attacking France.

As to the thirteenth (article), the said very Christian King thanks his good brother the King of Scotland for his open and virtuous declaration against the King of England should he invade and wage war on the said very Christian King and begs him to believe that, for his part, he will make the same declaration against all those who wish to wage war on him and will strive to do so with all his power.



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