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George Blyth's diary, 1850

George Blyth took over his father’s position as school teacher in Charlestown, Fife. He was also clerk of Limekilns church and ran the local library. This is a page from his diary in which he recorded events of local and national importance.

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A page from the diary of George Blyth, 1850. National Records of Scotland reference: GD1/615


1850 Aug 28th

The railway was opened this morn[ing]
for the first time between Alloa and
Dunf[ermline], we left in the train from Alloa.


The Queen and Prince Albert
with their family and suit arrived
in Edin[burgh] today and reside in the
ancient Palace of Holyrood.


Prince Albert laid the foundation
stone of the National Gallery on the
mound. The Queen ascended Arthur
seat today. About 3000 left Dunf[ermline]
today for Edin[burgh], Perth, Dundee etc by
special cheap trains. It was a Holi-
day in Dunf[ermline].


The Queen left Edin[burgh] for Balmoral
where they are to reside for some time.
The Queen's mother is also in Scotland
at Abergeldie castle a few miles from
Balmoral. Lady Augusta Bruce
is with the Duchess of Kent.

(National Records of Scotland reference: GD1/615)




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