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Helping with the War Effort, 1915

Cecile Victor was 6 years old when she wrote the letter below to Lady Clementine Waring. Lady Clementine was the wife of Major Walter Waring, Liberal MP for Banff, who fought in the war. She converted their home, Lennel House, in Berwickshire into a convalescent home for officers and did a great deal to support the needs of the soldiers. It gives an insight into how people at home contributed to the war effort. The letter is written in a child's hand, in pencil and with spelling mistakes appropriate to the child's age.

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Letter from Cecile Victor (age 6) to Lady Clementina Waring about the little girl's contribution to the war effort. National Records of Scotland reference: GD372/57/30


Dear Lady clementine
I am giving sixpence
for the ambulance.
I will be six in may,
and I am kniting
bed sox for the solgers
with love from
Cecile victor
10 victoria teres

(National Records of Scotland reference: GD372/57/30)




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