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The young Mary, Queen of Scots, writes to her mother, c.1550

Image shows a black and white drawing of Mary Queen of Scots.Mary Queen of Scots was born on the 8 December 1542 in Linlithgow Palace. Six days later she became Queen of Scotland, after the death of her father, King James V of Scotland. Her mother, Mary of Guise, sent Mary to France at the age of five to be raised and educated with the children of the French court.

In this letter Mary tells her mother that Monsieur de Breize is coming to visit the Scottish court. She asks her mother to make him welcome and says that de Breize will bring all the news to pass on to her mother.

The letter is written in French in Mary's own, neat handwriting. A summary translation is included below.

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Image of letter from Mary to her mother in Scotland, c.1550. National Records of Scotland reference: SP13/71

Summary translation

Madame, the King sends to you Monsieur de Breize, who has, as you know, heartily done me very humble service, and from day to day exerts himself in doing whatever business may be agreeable to me, which makes me heartily pray you to give him a good reception, and to let him know that I have desired you to do this. He has instructions from the King to relate to you fully all the news, which prevents me from writing you a longer letter, except to beseech you very humbly to keep me always in your good grace, as
Your very humble and very obedient daughter

(National Records of Scotland reference: SP13/71)




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