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Letter by the magnates of Scotland regarding the right of King Robert I to the Crown of Scotland, 16 March 1309

By March 1309, Robert I was sufficiently in control of Scotland to hold his first parliament in St Andrews. At this time, the Scottish magnates sent a letter to King Philip IV of France in response to his request for assistance in a crusade. The Scots replied expressing their support for Bruce as king, reminding Philip of Scotland’s devastation by war, and promised help when peace was achieved.

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Image shows the letter of the Scottish magnates regarding the right of King Robert I to the Crown of Scotland. National Records of Scotland reference SP13/3

(National Records of Scotland reference SP13/3)

Translation of extract

… we see it contained that royal gratitude reflects on and brings back to mind the alliances formerly existing and maintained between the kingdoms of France and Scotland and the losses, sufferings and trials which the inhabitants of the kingdom have hitherto so much endured. Our minds are cheered, above all, by the extraordinary and peculiar affection which... you say you have for the person of lord Robert, by the grace of God our lord king, who has been raised up as our leader and prince by right and truth and by the justice and grace of the King of Kings. We therefore… [?commend] your royal devotion for the affairs of the holy land… and for the regard you have towards our lord king, and we return all the thanks we can to your royal majesty for the restoration of the liberties and rights of the kingdom of Scotland.

... If therefore… the kingdom of Scotland [be] restored to its original liberty, the storms of war extinguished, the security of peace granted... your highness may have at power not only our lord the king aforesaid but also the inhabitants of his realm.

(Translation taken from A Source Book of Scottish History, i, 142-143, edited by W C Dickinson, G Donaldson and I A Milne)




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