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The Statute of Cambuskenneth issued by the Scottish parliament, 6 November 1314

The Statute of Cambuskenneth ordered that the lands of all Scots who had fought on the English side would be forfeited to the crown if they did not come into the king's peace.

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Image shows a statute by the Scottish Parliament. National Records of Scotland reference SP13/6

(National Records of Scotland reference SP13/6)

Translation of extract

… it was agreed, finally adjudged and decided hereon with the counsel and assent of the bishops and the rest of the prelates, earls , barons, and other nobles of the kingdom of Scotland, and also of the whole community of the kingdom aforesaid, that all who died in war, or elsewhere… or who on the said day had not come into his peace and faith (although oft-times called and lawfully awaited), be disinherited for ever of their lands... within the kingdom of Scotland, and be held, besides as enemies of the king and kingdom, deprived of all vindication of heritable right or of any other right hereafter for themselves and their heirs forever.

(Translation taken from A Source Book of Scottish History, i, 147, edited by W C Dickinson, G Donaldson and I A Milne, 1958. Printed in the Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland, i, p. 464)



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