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Keeping in Touch

Communication was vital during the war. When men and women first arrived in France, they wrote openly about their experiences. Letters received from home helped boost morale but as the war dragged on and losses increased, news was censored and less was said. Conditions at the front also hampered safe and reliable ways of passing on important information.

Further information on the Great War in Scotland .

The Sights of War
October 1915
Letter from Walter Waring
October 1918
Sending messages
by carrier pigeon, 1916
Black and white drawing of soldiers in the trenches. National Records of Scotland reference: GD1/625/3/1 Detail of drawing done by Walter Waring for his daughter, Kitty. National Records of Scotland reference: GD372/57/34 Detail of cover of printed Government publication (SS.123 OB.305) entitled Notes on the Use of Carrier Pigeons. National Records of Scotland reference: GD377/199/24




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