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King James VI of Scotland and I of England

Mary, Queen of Scots married Henry, Lord Darnley in 1565. She gave birth to a son, James, in Edinburgh Castle on 19 June 1566. James was crowned King of Scotland when he was only 13 months old after his mother had been forced to abdicate. From 1567 to 1582, James lived under the care of four successive regents, the Earls of Murray, Lennox, Mar and Morton. These regents were appointed to look after the young king and govern the country on his behalf until he was old enough to rule for himself.

During his reign in Scotland, James established control over various religious and political factions. He worked towards centralising power and justice to establish a firmer hold over Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth I died on 24 March 1603. James was Elizabeth’s closest relative by virtue of his descent from Margaret Tudor, his great grandmother. He succeeded to the English crown and was proclaimed king. He left for England on 4 April and was crowned at Westminster Abbey on 11 July.

The crowns of Scotland and England were united in the person of King James and he ruled both Scotland and England, but each country retained its own parliament, church, laws and coinage. After 1603, he only returned to Scotland once, in 1617. He died on 27 March 1625 and was succeeded by his son Charles I.



James is born to Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry, Lord Darnley.


James is crowned James VI of Scotland after his mother is forced to abdicate.


James's acceptance of government is proclaimed in Scotland and the period of regency is ended.


Mary, Queen of Scots is beheaded.


James marries Anne of Denmark.


Princes Charles, the future King Charles I, is born to Anne and James.


Queen Elizabeth I of England dies and James is proclained King of England. James styles himself as King of Great Britain, France and Ireland and moves to England.


James' conflicts with the English Parliament lead to the Gunpowder Plot.


The English translation of the Bible known as the Authorised Version which was sponsored by King James was completed in 1611.


James makes his only return visit to Scotland.


James dies of a stroke and is buried in Westminster Abbey.



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