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Source 4: Hospitalised in Basra, June 1916

Douglas took seriously ill on duty and ended up in hospital. This brought an end to his flying career abroad.

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Letter from John Douglas Hume in hospital at Basra, 22 June 1916. National Records of Scotland reference: GD486/110


British General Hospital
22 June 1916

Dear Mother

Sorry I missed the last mail but was feeling too seedy. Have now
been 9 days in Hospital & go to Bombay by the next H.S.
[Hospital Ship] which should
leave in 2 or 3 days. I shouldnít be long in B.
[Bombay] before getting a passage
home & expect to arrive England at end of July. Sorry you didnít put
off Aulich
[a village in Perthshire] till August or I might have been with you there some of the
time there.

This is a weird business this Jaundice. Itís 12 days since I started
colouring & now Iím the colour of scrambled eggs all over - eyes & all.
Itís not at all troublesome. One feels a bit weak & has no appetite
but sleeps well & is quite comfortable. It is prophesied that the
change of air to Bombay will put me all right. Then I shall come
home & get leave to fatten up. I was 10 st
[ones] 12 [pounds] when I left
Devonport & I know I fattened up on the voyage. Now I am
8 st
[ones] 9 [pounds]. So Mesopot[amia] has got a good supply of me. It canít
be said either that Iíve wasted my substance in riotous living.
I sent Gieve Matthews & Seashark a cheque for £50 a
fortnight ago. I was not sure about sending so
large a cheque so far. I wrote the bank at the same time
to warn them.

I donít think I can say much more at present. Itís rather
hot & ice isnít too plentiful.

Much love to all

(National Records of Scotland reference GD486/110)



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