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Letters and Diaries

Mary, Queen of Scots, c.1550

James Melville's schooldays, 1569

An emigrant's letter home, 1838 (William Knox)

Queen Victoria visits Taymouth Castle, 1842 (Lady Maule)

George Blyth, 1850

A Holiday in the Highlands, 1871 (Henry Paton)

The Sights of War, 1915 (Rev Robert J Thomson)

Helping with the War Effort, 1915 (Cecile Victor)

Outbreak of War, 1939 (William Paton)

Victory in Europe, 1945 (William Paton)

Natural Scotland

Keeping the Wolf from the Door

The Loch Ness Monster

The Enormous Benefit of Turnips

All Shook Up: the Inverness Earthquake, 1816

The Cudbear Manufactory

The Eyemouth Fishing Disaster, 1881

The Scottish Wars of Independence

Unit 1: the Succession Crisis

Unit 2: John Balliol, king of Scotland, 1292-1296

Unit 3: William Wallace, Guardian of the Realm, 1297-1298

Unit 4: The European Dimension

Unit 5: Wallace's mysterious mission, 1299-1302

Unit 6: Wallace's final years, 1303-1305

Unit 7: King Robert I, 1306-1314

Unit 8: King Robert I, 1314-1318

Unit 9: The Declaration of Arbroath, 1320

Unit 10: 1321-1329: A true peace which should go on without end, Fordun's Chronicle

James VI and the Union of the Crowns


Lady Constance Lytton

Emmeline Pankhurst

Maude Edwards

Fanny Parker alias Janet Arthur

Scottish Council of Women Citizens Associations

The Great War in Scotland

Keeping in Touch

The War Effort

Attacks from the Air

Attacks from the Sea

The Role of Women

1918 and Beyond

A Short Life in the Sky

Pilot Training, 1915

Action Abroad, 1916

Return to Britain, 1916

The Snail in the Bottle

The People in the Case

The Claimant's Case

Lord Moncrieff's Opinion

Schools Programme

Curriculum for Excellence topics

National 4 and National 5 topics

Higher History Scottish Units topics


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