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Maude Edwards

Photograph of Maude Edwards, National Records of Scotland reference: HH16/47Maude Edwards was sent to Perth Prison in July 1914 to serve a three month sentence for slashing a portrait of King George V which was hanging in the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. She acted in response to Mrs Pankhurst’s failed attempt to lead a deputation to the King at the gates of Buckingham Palace.

She went on hunger strike expecting a medical certificate, confirming she had a weak heart, would exempt her from force feeding. Her case demonstrates the dilemma faced by the authorities while under the scrutiny of the public and the press, and their handling of the situation.

The image shows Maude Edwards (National Records of Scotland reference: HH16/47)

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Source 1

Extract from the indictment of Maude Edwards, National Records of Scotland reference SC39/66/81 p. 177

Source 2
Stormy Court scenes

Extract from a news report of Maude Edwards' trial, National Records of Scotland reference HH16/47

Source 3
Request for release

Extract from Maude Edwards' request for release, National Records of Scotland HH16/47




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