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Source 3: Maude Edwards' request for release from Perth Prison

Maude Edwards was found guilty of slashing a portrait of King George V in the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. She was admitted to Perth prison on 3 July 1914. On the following day, she was examined by the medical officer who noted that she was in a ‘somewhat hysterical state’. He paid little attention to her medical certificate that stated she had a weak heart as it was written by a lady doctor who, in his opinion, could not judge the present situation.

On 5 July, Maude was force fed hot sweet milk and eggs by tube and her condition was monitored. As there were no adverse effects, the feeding continued. Five days later, she had had enough and submitted this handwritten request to the Prison Commissioners to be liberated under licence according to the terms of the Cat and Mouse Act. She was released on 14 July 1914.

Print a copy of the image and transcript as a Word document [Rich Text Format, 1.1MB, Opens in new window].

You can also read Maude's indictment and a newspaper report of her trial.

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Maude Edward's request for release from Perth Prison, National Records of Scotland reference: HH16/47


No. 76 HM Prison Perth
July 10th 1914
Prisoner's Name & Reg. No. Maude Edwards
I herewith beg to make an application to
be liberated on licence on the understanding
that I give an undertaking to refrain from
militancy in the future. My special reason
for making such an offer is the fact
that the medical officer of the prison
tells me that excitement is injurious
to my health.
Maude Edwards

(National Records of Scotland reference: HH16/47)




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