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Source 3: Hearing the news, 14 December 1916

Douglasís father, Rev David Hume, went south to attend the funeral. He wrote a long letter to his wife describing their sonís burial, the procession and full honours given by the Navy.

He stayed on in Kent to find out more details about the circumstances of Douglasís death to pass on to the family. Someone had made a final entry in Douglasís diary on the day he died that read, 'Douglas was shot down from steamer (probably Swedish), one of three, near the "Tongue" Lightship, mouth of the Thames. His watch stopped 11.13 am. Wireless man also killed.'

You can print the image and transcript below as a Word document (Rich Text Format, 1.0MB, new window).

You can print a transcript of the full letter as a Word document (Rich Text Format, 15KB, new window).

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Extract from the letter written by John Douglas Hume's father to his wife about their son's burial, the procession and full honours given by the Navy. National Records of Scotland reference: GD486/150


My Dearest

I am writing to you
with our dear boyís own fountain
pen. I received one little parcel
of what was in some of his pockets
from the Naval Authorities after
the funeral & another parcel from
the Dock Police from others of
his garments. I have dried
all these melancholy memorials
& shall bring them home with

(National Records of Scotland reference GD486/150)



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