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Source 5: Posthumous award, May 1918

Flight Lieutenant John Douglas Hume was one of many servicemen who received an honour after his death. This notice appeared in the London Gazette. The press cutting, his memorial scroll and Distinguished Service Cross, awarded by King George V, are preserved with his family’s papers in the National Records of Scotland.

You can print the image and transcript of the London Gazette press cutting as a Word document (Rich Text Format, 1MB, new window).

You can print the image and transcript of the memorial scroll as a Word document (Rich Text Format, 1MB, new window).

View the timeline for an outline of John Douglas Hume's life.

Notice from the London Gazette

Notice of the posthumous DSC awarded to John Douglas Hume, cut from the London Gazette, 17 May 1918. National Records of Scotland reference: GD486/194/3


The KING has been graciously pleased to
approve of the award of the following
(i) For services in Mesopotamia:-
To receive the Distinguished Service Cross:-
Flt. Sub-Lieut. John Douglas Hume,
R.N.A.S. (since killed).
For continuous good patrol work, artillery
spotting, feeding Kut-el-Amara, etc., some-
times making three trips a day under all
weather conditions. He invariably dis-
played great coolness and resource in the face
of the enemy, regardless of personal danger.

(National Records of Scotland reference GD486/194/3)

The Memorial Scroll

Memorial scroll recording award of the Distinguished Service Cross to John Douglas Hume. National Records of Scotland reference: GD486/210


The memorial scroll is headed with the Royal Arms and written in a decorative italic script, with the name of the recipient added in blue ink below the official text.

He whom this scroll commemorates
was numbered among those who,
at the call of King and Country, left all
that was dear to them, endured hardness,
faced danger and finally passed out of
the sight of men by the path of duty
and self-sacrifice, giving up their own
lives that others might live in freedom.
Let those who come after see to it
that his name be not forgotten.

Flight Lt. John Douglas Hume D.S.C.

(National Records of Scotland reference: GD486/210)



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