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Scotland 1689 - 1707

The period 1689 to 1707 was one of great importance in Scotland's history. During these 18 years a king was deposed and Parliament freed itself from royal control. In 1692, a blundering effort by the government to pacify the Highlands ended in the massacre of Glencoe. During seven years of harvest failure many people died of starvation. A disastrous attempt to improve the failing economy by starting a trading colony in Darien led to a breakdown in relations with England, although there were some who thought the way forward was a union, if this allowed Scots to trade with England and her colonies.

Timeline of events leading up to the Union of 1707.

The Darien Scheme
The Failure of Darien
Relations Worsen
The image shows an extract from 'The Scots Settlement in America called New Caledonia A.D. 1699, according to an original draught by H. Moll'. Published in Herman Moll's 'Atlas Minor', 1736. Reproduced by kind permission of the National Library of Scotland.
The image shows an extract from the first page of the minutes of the Scottish Parliament's complaints, 10 Jan 1701, National Records of Scotland reference PA3/6/26
The image shows an extract from the first page of the Alien Act, 1705. National Records of Scotland, Hamilton Papers, GD406/M1/247/1



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