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Making the Treaty

The succession crisis and the breakdown in relations between Scotland and England brought matters to a head. Union was recognised, although by many reluctantly, as a means of keeping the peace between the two countries. With the threat of a separate Scotland acting as a back door into England for France, opinion in Westminster was more favourable than in the past. Queen Anne and her government acted to deal with the situation. Negotiations began in September 1705.

Timeline of events leading up to the Union of 1707.

The Political Parties
Negotiating the Articles
The Articles of Union

The image shows representatives of the Court and the Country parties and the Squadrone Volante, reproduced courtesy of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

The image shows a detail from page 9 of the Journals of the Commissioners, National Records of Scotland, PA18/2 p.9

The image shows a detail from the first page of the Articles of Union, National Records of Scotland, State Papers, SP13/209



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