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Welcome to Scottish Archives for Schools (SAfS), the education service of the National Records of Scotland.

Our service sets out to connect and engage teachers and pupils with Scotland’s history, heritage and culture.

Archives tell stories and our fascinating collections of documents, dating from the 12th to the 21st centuries, provide insights into the growth of a nation through good times and bad. We draw on these written records, created by people from every walk of life, from kings and queens, lawyers, businessmen and ministers to teachers and children, to reveal Scotland's history.

Our resources support a Broad General Education, Nationals 3, 4 and 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications. Join us in Edinburgh or, if your school is too far away to visit us, we can deliver sessions directly into your classroom by web conference.

Image of St Kildans leaving the island


Schools Programme, 2015-16

We are delighted to launch our 2015-16 Schools Programme. Our workshops and Glow Meets are designed to enable pupils to travel back in time to meet historical characters and investigate real events from the past. Our time-machine is the primary source material preserved in the national archives of Scotland - interpreted, illustrated and brought to life.

We aim to make our sessions interactive and enjoyable, using our resources to spark pupils' interest and imagination across the curriculum.

Use one of our learning sessions to provide an inspirational starting point for citizenship or literacy; investigate well-known stories from a new perspective; and introduce pupils to research and analytical skills.

Are you studying Victorians this term?

Image shows a group of friends from the 19th century Copyright National Museum of Scotland, reference IL.2003.44.3.85

Image shows Daisy Webster, one of the subjects of the 'Our Glen' workshop. National Records of Scotland reference GD1/1208/1

Why not immerse your class in Victorian photography for a whole day: book the NRS' 'Our Glen', a Snapshot in Time workshop, in which pupils investigate a Victorian photograph album to find out a wealth of detail about the Webster family, their servants and the estate workers who lived in Glen Creran in Argyll in 1866, and also visit Photography: A Victorian Sensation Until 22 November 2015 at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh £3 per pupil (Free adults on a 1:5 ratio)
To request a visit, go to the National Museum of Scotland's schools' programme workshops.

Visit Photography: A Victorian Sensation with your pupils (P2-P5 or S1-S6) to meet the pioneers of photography and discover how the Victorian craze for the photograph transformed the way we capture images today. Self-led teacher resources are available for both age groups, plus additional handling boxes. Find out more about school visits to the National Museum of Scotland.

Image shows a detail from the Exemplification of the Act of Union, National Records of Scotland reference SP13/210

The Union of the Parliaments of England and Scotland, 1707

The Union of the Parliaments of Scotland and England in 1707 was a pivotal moment in Scottish history.

This new online resource was originally created as part of the A Union for a' That schools education project in 2007. This was a joint project between the National Archives of Scotland (now the National Records of Scotland), the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, Historic Scotland, the National Library of Scotland, the National Galleries of Scotland, The Scottish Government, the Law Society of Scotland and Learning and Teaching Scotland (now Education Scotland). Originally issued to all schools in Scotland as a DVD, it is now available online and we would like to thank all the former project partners for their support in making this resource available online.

Image shows a detail from a soldier's will, National Records of Scotland reference, SC70/8

Scottish Soldiers’ Wills from two World Wars go online

National Records of Scotland (NRS) recently made the Soldiers’ Wills series available online through ScotlandsPeople as part of commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

Among the 31,000 wills of Scottish soldiers are 26,000 of men who died in the Great War, which form part of the records of the Commissary Office in Edinburgh, held in NRS. The wills will also continue to be available in the Historical Search Room at General Register House.

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